Elliander Pictures
Thinkin' Bout Ya
Up and coming artist K-Bo came to us with his single: "Thinkin' Bout Ya" with specific ideas for the video and what would be involved. We took on all his ideas and built upon them.

The shoot took place on the 28th of April and consisted of 2 shooting locations: one of which was The Riverstudio in the Custard Factory. The second shoot took place early May and consisted of several setups infront of a Range Rover and Aston Martin.

K-Bo was very happy with the outcome and we look forward to working with him in the future.

The single is available to purchase on Itunes.

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K-Bo - "Thinkin' Bout Ya"
Label: HIQ
Dir: Elliot & Zander Weaver
Produced and Edited By: Elliander Pictures

Shot on Location in Birmingham:
Riverstudio - The Custard Factory

Shot On:
Sony EX1
Edited On:
Apple Final Cut Pro

Special Thanks:
Flick Murphy and the Jennings family.