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The Price Of Freedom - Vignette
SHORT FILM (2.5 mins)
Nominee for "Best Film"

This 2.5 minute vignette of the film was cut for entry into short film festivals with a duration limit. In particular it was submitted to the Virgin Media Short Film Competition and The Young Independent Film & TV Awards and made it through to the final rounds in both competitions.

Set during the First World War, this is a story of a young father, who leaves his family to fight for his country. Over the course of the film he struggles to understand the purpose of war and futility of human sacrifice. The film uses the emotive literature of the Great War Poets, Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen, to tell his story.

The full version of the film can be found here: The Price Of Freedom

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Dir: Elliot & Zander Weaver

Suicide in the Trenches - Siegfried Sassoon
(By kind permission of the Estate of George Sassoon)
The Next War - Wilfred Owen
Flanders Fields - John McCrae

Marc Baylis
Stephanie Ellis-Gray
Andrew Ford
The Birmingham Pals

Music by:
Andrew Browning

Special Thanks to The Birmingham Pals

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