Elliander Pictures
New Street Remembered - The Charles Barry Building
Mid 2010, Elliander Pictures was approached by King Edwards School in Birmingham to produce a documentary film for an exhibition taking place in January 2011. The exhibition marked the anniversary of the demolition of the school's original building, located on New Street in the centre of Birmingham.

The building was designed by Sir Charles Barry, who later went on to design the Houses of Parliament. The "Barry Building" as it was known, was, and still is, considered to be one of the country's architectural gems.

Unfortunately in the 1930's the school was deemed a fire risk and was destined for destruction. The idea of the documentary film was to utilise some 3D glass slides that had been discovered in the King Edwards archives - these photographs were taken of the school just before the demolition began and capture perfectly the elegance and beauty of the school's interior and exterior.

After further development with Elliander, it was decided that interviewing "old boys", about their memories and experiences of the school, would form the backbone of the documentary. The finished film is both visually stunning and emotionally engaging - bringing the building and the boys' memories to life.

Both Elliander Pictures and Free Spirit Film & TV would like to thank all contributors who made the project possible.